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Have you noticed that Mozilla Firefox Web browser tends to get slower the longer you use it? Among the major causes of this problem are memory leaks that are still persistent in spite of what the makers say. Do not be fooled: the browser still uses too much memory. It may consume as much as 100 MB soon after launching and hog up to 1GB or more with extended use. Fortunately, Firemin will help you to fix Firefox leak and enjoy a faster browsing experience.

How the Program Works

Firemin uses an API function known as EmptyWorkingSet, which safely forces processes to consume less memory. Although the function may lead to performance decreases, the impact, which takes milliseconds, is so slight that it is hardly noticeable.

All it takes to use the program is to launch it, and it will start managing Firefox, including its extensions. It keeps checking RAM to free as much memory as it safely can.

Using Firemin

We just needed to extract the portable application and launch it to manage the memory that Firefox used. The application ran in the background when we launched it, but we could access its options by right-clicking on its icon on the system tray, which included launching Firefox.

The application has a slider that you can use to configure the way you want it to optimize Firefox. The left side of the slider is reddish and displays the CPU usage while the green-tinted right side shows RAM. It provides a graphical representation of the selected optimization level. Setting higher optimization makes Firefox run faster, but it will require more processing power.

The only configuration we made was adusting the slider depending on how fast we wanted Firefox to be at the expense of CPU usage.

Although Firefox did not automatically launch with Firemin, we could configure it to start whenever we launched the application.


Firemin is a handy tool for fixing Firefox leaks, which is especially important when working with multiple tabs that leads to more memory usage. Firefox does not automatically unload resources it no longer requires, making it hold too much memory unnecessarily. Firemin releases the unused RAM and improves the overall performance of a computer and Firefox in particular.

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