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Movies by CraigWorks 0.2.29 (build 1946)

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Movies by CraigWorks organizes all your movie files in your home. Movie information is collected from different internet sites and displayed in an easy to use web interface. Video playback on Windows is through the versatile media player, VLC (installed separately) but play back will also works with some browsers internal video players as well as mobile devices.

The application runs as a Windows service and is accessible to all computers on your network through your web browser.

Main Features :

  • Import movie and cast details from the internet (including images and trailers).
  • Create user accounts for the whole family and restrict what each user can see.
  • Play movies directly from your web browser
  • Create custom lists of movies for easy access (e.g. "Scariest movies of all time!")
  • Display information about each media file.
  • Track play history per each user and resume playing movies where you left off
  • Search all fields of your movie data to find exactly what yourre looking for.
  • Works offline. Once movies are imported the application does not require internet access to run.
Requirements :

Windows PC running Windows 10 with at least an Core i3 Processor and 4GB of memory. For best movie playback on Windows use Chrome or Internet Explorer 11 (Desktop version on Win 10) as this is our primary test computer. On iPad use Safari for best results.

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