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BootRacer 7.10 / 7.16 Beta

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BootRacer allows you to check your Windows boot speed. Race your Windows boot time using BootRacer and check your boot rating. If your computer boot time is less than one minute you will get an excellent rating! Otherwise you need to speed up your Windows boot time!


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Automatically checks your boot speed during every bootup.
  • BootRacer is able to detect Time to Logon and Total Time to Desktop.
  • BootRacer is unique software. No other software can measure both parameters.
  • BootRacer uses minimum of your computer resources.
  • BootRacer logs all results to own event log. You can check events using Windows Event Viewer.
  • BootRacer automatically calculates the Best Boot Time.
  • You can always check your latest boot speed using BootRacer.
  • BootRacer is free for non-commercial use.

Note: BootRacer is FREE for non-commercial use only.

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