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Strong Passwords Need Entropy 14.0

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Strong Passwords Need Entropy (S.P.N.E.) is a handy and lightweight application that you can use to verify your passwords entropy level, check its overall strength and survivability, and it also features a strong password generator.

No install required. Just unzip in the directory of your choice. No modification of the registry, and does not require administrator authorization.


  • 16 rules to be respected when it comes to password policy and security
  • Password properties
  • Memo section with functions
  • Generate passwords directly to the list of passwords (multiple passwords)
  • Clear clipboard and keyboard buffer before exit
  • WPA2 key generator with histogram
  • Test password dictionary - able to test a list of almost 20,000 passwords
  • Search passwords in worst list (10,007 passwords)
  • Password versus Password
  • Report section with essential operations info
  • Paste from / copy to clipboard
  • Sha256 generator
  • Password editor
  • Purge the list of passwords (keep only if entropy > 100)
  • Password Psychology
  • Strong Password Generator via different modules (Guid, Mac adress, Random, Serial, Prononceable, Morse code, Emoticons, Cryptocode, Leetspeak, Hexspeak, Special dictionary, Piece of poetry generator)
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