Pismo File Mount Audit Package

ساخت وبلاگ

"PFMAP revisited"

Reviewer: -ziba

Review Date: 2009-03-11

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Mike, thanks for taking the trouble to explain how you use this program. Thanks to a geek friend I've found that there is helpful information on how to use PFMAP in the "release notes" txt file that comes with the package (it's also tucked away out of sight behind a "release notes" link on the download page at the Pismo Technic website).

I assumed (like most people would, I think) that "release notes" would only include information on changes in the latest release. Since I'd never seen the program before this release I didn't bother to read that document. It seems odd to me to hide information that should be in the help file in a release notes document.

My previous rating was based on the lack of helpful documentation. I've now upgraded it to "Good".

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