Quick Any2Ico

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Quick Any2Ico is a tiny application that you can use to create icon files easily. You can create high quality icons from any resource, file or folder.

You select the source file by choosing whether you want to extract it from binary file resource or convert from any file or folder and then browse to select the file. Alternatively, you may simply drag the required file to the input box and the application will automatically select the conversion mode and destination file. If you want, you can save the file as PNG instead of ICO image format.

The application allows you to select several embedded image formats. If you choose to save the file as PNG, then only one format is used. If you select several formats, then the application automatically picks the largest.

You may enable PNG compression to make a smaller file size. Since icons are normally squared, you can choose whether to stretch, crop or center the source image if it is not squared.

The last step is clicking the convert or extract button, and the application will display the result just below this button.

Quick Any2Ico gives you the freedom to extract icons associated with all file system objects.

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