Unicode Chars Generator 1.1

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Editor's Rating
Reviewed on December 14, 2018

Yes, you can generate Unicode characters individually - using Alt+x - in Microsoft Word or even Wordpad, once you know the hexadecimal code number. The same goes for generating the code number from the Unicode character. But, perhaps, you want access to large numbers of the characters that are the international standard for defining letters, numbers punctuation and symbols. So, you need either a massive list of Unicode characters and their hex code numbers, or a utility that will generate those you need.

The Unicode Chars Generator from Windows Portable Apps generates the number of Unicode characters you specify with a single mouse click!

Just download, extract and execute the program to display the simple window for inputting your requirements. Input from 1 to 1114111 in the 'Generate From and To' fields in the window. By default, the resulting window will display a continuous string of consecutive characters without spaces. This can easily be put to use by copying them to the clipboard, using the right-click context menu, and pasting them into the application or document you're working on. From here, you can view them more easily and select those you need.

There are checkboxes under the input fields in the program's interface to enable you to display the characters you require more comprehensively. A message beside the 'Vertical List' box warns you that this will be slower but, depending on your requirements, it does make the results easier to view.

Possibly the most useful results are derived from using the 'Show Index Number' check box. While taking more time to process, this provides you with a useful list of Unicode characters with the corresponding index numbers alongside them.

As a portable application, Unicode Chars Generator can be downloaded to a USB drive, and the program can be executed to generate Unicode characters anywhere and on any number of devices.

The lightweight, simple, and very easy to use application is compatible with 32- and 64-bit Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. It's a convenient means of generating Unicode characters for use in any number of personal or professional endeavors.

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