PDF Split and Merge Basic 4.0.0

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Editor's Rating

What do you do if you only want to use a small portion of a large PDF file? Alternatively, what do you do in order to join two or more PDF files into a single document? PDF Split and Merge gives you a solution for both problems. As its name clearly indicates, the free software allows you to divide PDF documents into several files or merge the files to make one document.

Using PDF Split and Merge

Although the user interface appeared slightly odd and confusing at first glance, it was relatively easy to use once we mastered it, which required just a couple of minutes.

Apart from splitting PDF documents into separate files, the program allowed us to change the arrangement of pages within our documents. Depending on the document you are working on and what you want to do with it, this can prove a handy feature.

In addition, the Visual Document Composer feature allowed us to open multiple PDF files in thumbnail format and select pages we wanted to merge into a new document using drag and drop. That made it convenient to create the document we wanted without splitting all original documents and then manually choosing the relevant pages.

We split documents by specifying either the levels of bookmarks or respective page numbers. We entered multiple page numbers separated by commas although the program did not give us the input format to use, and it worked.

Speaking about using the program, the creator has prepared helpful online tutorials that you can read. However, you can find your way around with relative ease even without the tutorials.

Whether we were splitting or merging files, PDF Split and Merge was fast.


Although PDF Split and Merge is clearly not designed for beauty, it performs what it is supposed to do well and fast. This is an open source program that is also platform independent.

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