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MediaTube v2.9.5

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MediaTube v2.9.5
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Reviewed on August 20, 2019

MediaTube is a YouTube video player with built-in features aimed at providing convenience and easy access to the videos you want to watch.

We've all felt the annoyance of those non-skip ads after searching for a video or when accessing a favorite YouTube channel. The free little utility for Windows from MediaHuman then is good news for users of Windows computers. No ads, a quick built-in search facility, and easy drag and drop playlist creation - it's a truly useful application.

Download and install MediaTube. Launch the application to its simple user interface comprised of a menu bar and input box where you can drop the required URL or search YouTube.

Dropping a URL onto the YouTube video player will switch the window to display the address bar and a thumbnail version of the video, inclusive of length, title, source, and date. Simply click the thumbnail to load and run the video.

Typing a keyword and performing a search will return thumbnails of all the YouTube videos that match your query. The length, title, source, and date for each one is displayed and you'll find the total number of videos displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the window. Double click the thumbnail to load and play the video.

Playback controls will display anytime you use your mouse to hover over the bottom of the screen. Playback controls are also available under the 'Playback' tab on the menu bar. The Playback drop-down menu also enables you to select your preferred display quality and to enable 'Shuffle.' Swipe left from the right of the window to display the next video thumbnails in a panel at the right.

You can open a YouTube channel or YouTube playlist by clicking the 'Open' link on the File menu. Type or paste the address in the 'Open' link bar displayed and click 'Open.' The channel's videos will display in a new window entitled 'Playlist'.

You can create new playlists by dragging links to the videos you want to include into the MediaTube window.

The YouTube video player provides you with an ad-free video watching experience and a quick means of searching YouTube from within the application. It is compatible with Windows 7 and higher, requires just 50 MB free drive space and, of course, an Internet connection to access YouTube.

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